What We Do

What We Do

Community centres provide recreational and educational programs and other social activities and services. The local Community Centre Association board is elected by residents – members of the association. This collaborative operation model is progressive and ensures the engagement and participation of residents in the operation of their local centre. In fact, other municipalities around the world are trying to replicate Vancouver’s CCA model because it not only ensures that the community’s needs are met, but it also directly engages citizens in meaningful and effective volunteerism. Vancouver Community Centre Associations have an admirable 60-year track record of responsible financial management, community engagement, volunteer commitment, investment in local facilities, and recreation leadership.

It’s About Community and Democracy

When you enroll in a program at a community centre, you can become a member at that centre. For us, your membership is a key element of the democratic approach that is at the foundation of how our community centres are run. As a member, you have a direct say in how your centre operates because you vote and can run for your local CCA at the election, held every year at the annual general meeting. CCAs also coordinate numerous committees in various interest areas such as childcare, seniors, fitness, and food and garden programming – and participating in these provides opportunities for other levels of input for collective and collaborative decision making.

All boards are elected by members of each Community Centre Association. This means that as a user (member) of the centre, you can have a direct say in the social, cultural, educational and physical programming that makes an important difference in your community.

CCA boards are made up of people from your community, which means that they directly represent and understand the needs of your neighbourhood, and they ensure that programming is tailored to the needs of each of our diverse and unique communities across Vancouver.

Volunteers Save Taxpayers Millions of Dollars

CCAs save taxpayers millions of dollars by fundraising and applying for grants. In addition, because CCAs are volunteer-based organizations, volunteers put in thousands of hours to operate and build the community capacity of each facility.

Residents can participate in meaningful volunteer roles, such as being on a CCA board, board committee or volunteering at the community centre.