An Update on JOA Negotiations

We are still going back and forth with Park Board staff on the Joint Operating Agreement (JOA). The CCAs believe that we are moving in a positive direction. As individual CCAs, we have specifics that we need to work through with the Park Board to ensure that the JOA works for our respective communities.

The update is that the dialogue continues between the CCAs and Park Board staff. We appreciate that they are working with us to resolve the issues we have identified.

We also want to acknowledge our community members for your ongoing support. We know that you want to see us achieve a JOA that works for each of our unique neighbourhoods. Your continued words, e-mails and calls give us the energy to keep fighting for what we need in the JOA. Thank you.

We remain cautiously hopeful that we are close to having a JOA that we can recommend to our respective boards. We will update when we have news to share.