Correcting Misinformation

There are several inaccuracies or inconsistencies that are being reported. The group of CCAs would like to ensure that the correct information is being shared.

The correct information is:

  • Most CCAs have indicated our willingness to share financial resources to benefit other communities as indicated in our November 4 proposal.
  • We have indicated our acceptance of the OneCard and Leisure Access Pass for low-income patrons.
  • As non-profit societies, we cannot generate a “profit margin.” We can generate funds that are invested back into our community centre and community – which fulfils our mandate. Please read our blog post that details revenue generated at community centres.
  • CCAs bring large amounts of funds into the system through grants and fundraising that the Park Board would not be able to access.
  • A small number of CCAs have retained large financial surpluses because of fundraising.
  • Most CCAs operate on a break-even or prudent small surplus basis, meaning we do not aim to make money off our operations, but to generate a small surplus of funds for contingency purposes or to put towards capital investment in the community centre. (Examples: Kilarney Community Centre, which has a large amount of savings that has come from a decade-long effort of fundraising to build a Senior’s Centre. Hastings also has a large sum in savings from fundraising, which has been saved over decades and is intended to add to capital funds for a new community centre – which they have been waiting to get for over a decade.)