E-mail Examples for Park Board Commissioners

Tell Park Board Commissioners that you stand with your Community Centre Association.
E-mail them at: pbcommissioners@vancouver.ca.

Here are two e-mail examples that you can use, if you’d like:

Option 1
Dear Park Board Commissioners,

I am writing in support of my community centre! Please develop a Joint Operating Agreement with the Community Centre Associations that works for you and our communities.

Our community centre is important in my neighbourhood. Please send the current draft of the JOA back for revisions so that it works for everyone involved.

I stand with my community centre in requesting that the current JOA be revised so that it works for us, not just the Park Board.




Option 2
Dear Park Board Commissioners,

Our community centre is important to me – and my neighbours. Please make sure that our Community Centre Association can make decisions that are in our best interests.

You were elected to represent our communities – now is the time to do that. Send the JOA back to staff to be revised in a way that meets our needs.

Keep the “community” in our community centre.

I stand with my community centre.

Yours truly,


5 Responses

  1. A JOA that does not reflect the needs and wishes of all the CCAs is not in the interest of the public that it serves.
    The JOA in its present form is totally unacceptable and must be send back for further consultation.

  2. My Community Centre reflects my local community and listens to our needs, wants and desires. As a senior citizen I have particular wishes and I find my centre is willing to listen and “bend” when able to accommodate me. As a retired senior manager in a multi national corporation I know darn well how difficult it is to keep all factions happy but I also know that keeping them happy was the key to our success. Good management MUST listen and accommodate all perspectives. It would appear that VPB is lacking in that ability.

  3. My community center is very important to me. It reflects where I reside and who I am as a senior citizen . Please listen to the management of the CCA’s with regard to the proposed and suggested JOA which is parallel to my interest. Please send back to staff the JOA for further study and revision.

  4. It is very importance for the commissioners to work with the centres and the Public which I agree for than not signing the document

  5. Regarding the importance of satisfying everyone concerned, I request the current draft of JOA be returned for revisions that DO satisfy everyone involved in the Community centre.

    As a Senior member I am proud to have two adult children benefit from membership and education at Kerrisdale Community Centre during happier times.

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