Help Us Keep the Community in Community Centre!

As you may know, the Park Board is currently in the process of developing a Joint Operating Agreement (JOA). This agreement is the foundation for how Community Centre Associations (CCAs) and the Park Board will work together for the next 15 years.

It is important to have a JOA that meets the needs of the Park Board and each of our diverse communities. The current draft does not meet our needs. In fact, our legal counsel has advised us not to sign the current draft because the language used in the document undermines our rights to act as independent entities. This will limit our ability to make decisions in the best interests of our communities, which is what we were elected to do – and why we exist.

We need your help! And we need it right away.

To support us, you can:

  • E-mail Commissioners: (If you would like to see two e-mail examples, which you can use, click here.)
  • Call 311 and say you want to leave a message for Park Board Chair Michael Wiebe.
  • Sign up and speak at the Park Board Special Meeting on Wednesday, February 8.
  • Attend the public meeting on Wednesday, February 8 to show your support!


Tell the Park Board Commissioners that:

  • I support strong, independent Community Centre Associations.
  • I want the Park Board to work with CCAs to get a JOA that works for the Park Board and the CCAs.