JOA Concern 4: Term and Renewal

There are serious concerns with the agreement that the Park Board expects CCAs to sign by September 30, 2017. One of the issues is term and renewal.

We want to explain about each concern and show why CCAs are asking Park Board Commissioners to have the Park Board lawyer and CCA lawyer review the agreement.

Please read this series of blog posts on each of the six key concerns.


Original CCA Concern: As CCAs, we are invested in our community centres. In fact, our primary purpose is to represent the interests of our communities at our community centres. Thus, we feel it is reasonable that in Section 3 at the end of the initial term both parties attempt to renegotiate another agreement in good faith. This intention is expressed in the attached amended section.

Park Board Response: The term and process at renewal are critical components of the new JOA and it would not be possible for us to create another perpetual agreement like the current JOAs. The term and renewal were extensively discussed during the consultation phase, and we note that the length of the term doubled from an initial 5 years to 10 years at the request of some CCAs during consultation This reflects the need for touch-points between the parties during the lifetime of the agreement.

CCA Response to Park Board: This response misinterprets our request. We are not asking for a perpetual agreement. What we are asking for is an expectation that the parties will attempt to renew or renegotiate the JOA in good faith.