JOA Concern 6: Mutual Responsibility for Service Provision

There are serious concerns with the agreement that the Park Board expects CCAs to sign by September 30, 2017. One of the issues is mutual responsibility for service provision.

We want to explain about each concern and show why CCAs are asking Park Board Commissioners to have the Park Board lawyer and CCA lawyer review the agreement.

Please read this series of blog posts on each of the six key concerns.


Original CCA Concern: This proposed JOA concentrates on the internal operations of the Community Centre Associations. It does not reflect that the Park Board has a legislated responsibility for the provision of recreation programs and services to Vancouver residents. Park Board can adopt policies that limit the provision of programs at community centres through reducing hours of operation, instituting requirements that put an association’s financial health at risk, or insisting on system-wide programs that prevent the associations from providing their own community-focussed programs.

Park Board Response: The new JOA makes several commitments for the Park Board to support the CCAs with programming and providing services to the public, including system-wide planning sessions and formal opportunities for CCAs and their boards to provide feedback to the Park Board. As well, the JOA states that “the parties agree that it is in their mutual interest to work cooperatively to ensure the successful and financially sustainable offering of Programming and services from the Jointly Operated Facilities and to improve community engagement and participation through the Jointly Operated Facilities.”

CCA Response to Park Board: The wording highlighted above in the Park Board’s response to this issue is taken from the preamble to the document, which is not enforceable and there for does not compel the Park Board to adhere to this commitment. We are surprised by the strong desire in the agreement to control and limit the CCAs while neglecting to require the Park Board to commit to providing adequate service levels and ensuring financial sustainability in each community centre.