Just What Does a Community Centre Association Do?

Most Vancouver Community Centres are jointly run by the Vancouver Park Board and a local Community Centre Board (elected by local Community Centre Association (CCA) members).

Think of it this way: the CCAs provide oversight and direction to the community centres. The CCA for each community centre ensures that it operates in support of its community’s unique needs. Each year, at an annual general meeting (AGM), board members are elected by the membership for the CCA. In addition, CCA presidents are either elected by the membership at the AGM or appointed by the board of directors at the first board meeting after the AGM.

Vancouver Community Centre Associations have an admirable 60-year track record of responsible financial management, community engagement, volunteer commitment, investment in local facilities, and recreation leadership. This is quite an achievement, especially when you understand how much work is done by volunteers, both in the CCAs and at the community centres’ day-to-day operation level. CCAs are key contributors in the communities that they serve, supporting community centres as they provide a range of programs, events and opportunities for residents.

Because of their not-for-profit status, CCAs apply for, and receive, a range of grants and other forms of funding each year. This is an important element of a CCA’s role in its community. These financial awards help to support the work of the community centre and allow the community centre to offer many of the programs that community members have come to count on as a part of their lives.

In addition, the CCAs work with the community centre to fundraise – through events and direct donations – often raising enough money, over several years, to build senior’s centres or to renovate or rebuild their community centre.

Community Centre Associations are key in ensuring that a community centre not only meets the needs of its diverse community, but also that it is financially able to do so. The contribution of the CCA volunteer board and committee participants is crucial to the ongoing benefit that the community centre brings to the people of its community.