Media Statement from Hastings Community Association

Statement attributable to Sherry Breshears, President, Hastings Community Association


Hastings Community Association Board encouraged by JOA progress

The Hastings Community Association (HCA) Board is encouraged by the Park Board’s recent efforts to work with CCAs in addressing three key issues identified in the current draft of the Joint Operating Agreement (JOA). However, the Board did not vote on the JOA at their January 24, 2018 meeting. The HCA Board requires reasonable time to review the proposed draft language placed in context with the entire appendix, consult our legal counsel, and confer with our partners – Killarney Community Centre Society and Kerrisdale Community Centre Society.

The proposed changes were provided to the CCAs by Park Board staff just hours before the HCA Board meeting, and the language and placement in the JOA are still being worked through between the CCAs and the Park Board.

The three CCAs have approached the long and difficult negotiation process with the Park Board as partners, and we will continue to support one another, going forward. At this stage of the process, each of us must now turn our attention inward and support our respective boards in making decisions based on the needs of our individual CCAs and communities.