Our Community Members, Groups and Associations Stand with Us!

Dear Honourable Commissioners,

I am writing on behalf of the Dr. A.R. Lord Elementary Parent Advisory Council (PAC). Our PAC represents a community of families of over 150 children in the East Vancouver neighbourhood of Hastings Sunrise. Our school is located adjacent to Hastings Community Centre. Our parent school community would like to express our overwhelming support of the Hastings Community Association (HCA) and the broader group of Community Centre Associations in Vancouver.

The Hastings Community Association is a supportive partner to our children and families in the delivery of programs, recreation, and social and cultural enrichment of our neighbourhood. The model of membership to the HCA ensures that we can elect individuals who will represent our community needs and an equitable Joint Operating Agreement is critical to their function.

As our elected municipal representatives of the Vancouver Parks Board, we ask that all Commissioners ensure an open process of feedback, consultation and negotiation of the JOA with the Community Centre Associations. Please send back the JOA so that it can be revised. We stand with our Community Centre Associations!


Tracy Spring, Co-Chair

Dr. A.R. Lord Elementary Parent Advisory Council