The JOA and Killarney Seniors Centre

There are many reasons that Killarney Community Centre Society, Kerrisdale Community Centre Society and Hastings Community Association have worked so hard to get a Joint Operating Agreement (JOA) that works for the Park Board and each of our Community Centre Associations (CCAs).

Our CCAs have been in place for decades and have proven our ability to run our community centres. As non-profits, CCAs can apply for and receive grants that the community centres could not get otherwise.

Killarney is an excellent example of a CCA that is a proactive and productive contributor to its community centre and the community as a whole. Killarney is in the process of having a Seniors Centre built. It will open this summer. (That’s soon! We’re excited!) It will be a 10,000 square foot facility that will offer instructor-led programs, drop-in recreation programs, a subsidized hot lunch program (which is incredibly popular in other community centres that have a seniors centre), off-site excursions and outings, special events and a range of support services, such as education and development programs. The CCA and members of the community have been a driving force in making the Seniors Centre a reality, especially the seniors – they have done so much to bring this to life.

The Seniors Centre is a $7.5 million-dollar project. Seniors in the community have been pushing City Hall and the Park Board for a Seniors Centre for more than 20 years, and now it is becoming a reality.

The Killarney Community Centre Society and its members have been working towards this achievement for years. The CCA has worked hard to raise a substantial amount of money through grants and other means – we’re talking approximately $1 million – most of which is earmarked to go to the Seniors Centre (this includes running the hot lunch program, which is a highly-anticipated initiative). It is a significant contribution that they are making to the Seniors Centre, in support of what has come from the Government of Canada, the Province of British Columbia and the City of Vancouver.

The significant contribution says a great deal about how important CCAs are to their communities. The CCAs want an agreement that recognizes this and establishes the foundation of a strong partnership with the Park Board. That’s just one reason why we have fought so hard for so long to get a JOA that works.