There Is So Much Support from Our Communities!

Dear Park Board Commissioners,

I am writing in support of my community centre! Please develop a Joint Operating Agreement with the Community Centre Associations that works for both you and our communities.

We moved into the Victoria-Killarney area in early 1962. The Killarney CC opened in September 1963 after Killarney residents raised $40,000.00 (equivalent to more than $320,000.00 in today’s dollars) to get the Centre under way. The KCCS has been very successful in managing and expanding this facility and they have served the community well. They are closest to the community and are aware of community needs. They are an asset to our community we cannot afford to lose.

I stand with Killarney and all other community centres in requesting that the current JOA be revised so that it works for us, not just the Park Board.


George & Fran Grant